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don't repost my graphics, thanks!
adyingarchangel said:
Do you have mods for Dragon Age Origins? If so could you list them for me? ^_^ Love the blog by the way

Hiii, sorry for the late reply, and thank you! I actually don’t think I’m using this face mod at the moment but I know I downloaded all of the recommended mods listed in this mod’s description: 15 Faces by Tori

I also have this hair mod. Other than that the only mods I have are the mod for skipping the Fade, the mod for getting Zevran to show up early (which for some reason didn’t work for me oops), the mod that allows me to see console command text and the mod to bluSHMARRYALISTAIRASAMAGE

I love how in DAI we are at the brink of total annihilation and today’s stream just mentioned that we basically have the budget and the time for the interior design of our bedroom I’m cackling so hard