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Work in progress. Full description there. I’m drawing my hubby in all his Tsun’s armorish glory because love big time.

Edit: Yes, I’m going to add hair and dirt! The only reason I haven’t done so yet is because right now my priority is to fully render his musculature, and it just wouldn’t be convenient to have to work my way around his chest hair while trying to add lighting. I love every bit of Farkas just the same. Even his hair and dirt. Or maybe especially his hair and dirt. Harhar.

I don’t think it’d be above them to forget to wash the warpaint off their faces for several days in a row. Though I think Vilkas would care just a little (a little) bit more about keeping clean, since he’s more shaven than Farkas and his hair is a bit trimmer. Also, he’s scripted to be able to hit on ladies in Solitude so roflrofl. In my headcanon, they were probably dirt babies as children running around like little dustballs, and with the lack of a real maternal presence in Jorrvaskr I doubt much would have changed now that they’re older, LOL. And I’d find it gross, in an adorable way, to plop Farkas down in a chair and clean his face while he looks at me in that sort of way like ?_? why? But he’d listen because he does as he’s told. What a sweetie. /endrant