Compassion actually comes from two Latin words… Compassion means ‘suffering with’. So, to have compassion for someone is to suffer with them. Compassion makes me think of kindness… Compassion is kindness, forgiveness, and empathy; lack of judgement. Compassion is… about understanding. Compassion is without ego. Within all of us there is the capacity to be anyone or anything." source: [x]

Tom Hiddleston’s explanation of what it is to be compassionate and how he uses it to prepare for his character roles. He goes on to compare the characters of Shakespeare’s Iago and Romeo and says that, as an actor, it’s important to have compassion for both silent sufferers and cruel individuals who may be that way due to circumstance. Being the Farkas fangirl that I am, I couldn’t help but think of the twins, ohohoho. Farkas and Vilkas are twins and have the same genetic potential, but they’ve chosen two very different ways to deal with the hardships in life. Imo, Farkas has chosen to appreciate what he has and to see the goodness is people - this gives him the gentleness and positivity that Farkas fans are fond of. Vilkas, on the other hand, isn’t cruel per se, but dwells on the past. He can’t let go, and while it makes him an angry person it doesn’t make him any less worthy of our sympathies as a character. @_@ Sorry if you guys aren’t into the huge Hiddle fandom. I’m not really a Tom Hiddleston fangirl tbh, but I am a Tom Hiddleston fan. I have a lot of respect for the guy’s insightfulness and eloquence. British guys are so rad. ಠuರೃ I have also always wanted a ginourmous picture of Farkas’ manly yet gentle face in all its dirty glory for my viewing pleasure. zzz