This boss fight was a lot harder than I remembered. Controlling the camera while playing on the keyboard is really annoying. ._.

I notice I’ve gained a few followers since last night, so hi guys! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ Hello, and thanks for following me! hope you don’t get scared away by my weirdness. lol :C

Also, off topic, but I also noticed that a few weight loss/”thinsporation” body image blogs reblogged my Jack Skellington gif from yesterday. It’s not my business what other people choose to reblog but that’s a little eerie. I doubt they’re actually following me to see this, but I thought I’d mention that striving to have a body with proportions like Jack’s is in no way healthy at all. If you’ve played Kingdom Hearts he you’ll see he’s unrealistically matchstick thin. He’s a fictional animated character exaggerated to look this way, lol. If you’re trying to lose weight for health reasons that’s great, but don’t use Jack as a source of inspiration. >_>;;;